Expatriate Tax ReturnsEvery U.S. citizen or permanent resident, regardless of whether they are living in the U.S., must file a U.S. income tax return with the IRS to report their worldwide income. Our team  of tax professionals are experts in providing expatriate tax services.

If you are an expat living outside of South Carolina, no problem.  A  large segment of our client base resides or conducts business outside of South Carolina, and we are comfortable communicating through phone calls, emails, or other virtual channels preferred by our clients. We use secure client portals to safely exchange tax, accounting and financial information, giving our clients immediate access to excellent service and advice, while also saving time and money.

Expatriate Tax Services: Maintain Tax Compliance and Savings While Abroad

If you are residing abroad, plan on moving abroad, or you’re a foreigner moving to the U.S., taking advantage of the numerous IRS deductions, credits, and exclusions should certainly be on the top of your list. Although it may be tempting, you must not ignore your U.S. taxes as every U.S. citizen or permanent resident must file a U.S. income tax return annually with the IRS. We offer the following expat tax services:

  • U.S. Tax Returns – We prepare your U.S. income tax return, including all required schedules and forms for foreign income and foreign bank account reporting.
  • Online Filing – When you’re living in a foreign country, it’s not practical to send forms and documents back and forth through the post mail or email. Our highly secure, fully encrypted Client Portal enables the quick, free, and safe transfer of files between our office and yours.
  • Foreign Bank Account Reporting – We prepare the U.S. Treasury FBAR reporting forms for individuals who had above a certain threshold in a foreign account.
  • Compliance – It’s not uncommon for expats to fall behind on their taxes. We help you sort through the paperwork, forms, and rules, and get you back in compliance with the IRS.
  • Consulting – If you’re unsure of your need to file federal or state tax returns, give us a call. We help you get clear on your situation.

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