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Mt Pleasant Business ConsultingAt Accel Tax & Business, we’re great with numbers, but more importantly, we’re great with advising businesses. Taking your business to the next level may be your goal, but you need a clear vision to get there.  Our firm can help enure your business is on the right path to success from initial launch to acquisition.  We understand that there are many aspects to running a successful business, and that’s why we offer business consulting services to include everything from business entity selection and initial setup of your businesses accounting records in Quickbooks to the eventual sale of your business. Whether your business is in growth mode or you business is being acquired by another company, it is important to have a team of professionals who not only understand your business but also understand how to navigate the tax, accounting and business regulatory requirements related to such business transactions.

Diverse Industry Experience

Our tax, accounting and business consultants help our business client’s anticipate, address and resolve the day-to-day challenges and opportunities in today’s business climate. For more than fifteen years, our tax and business firm has assisted clients in nearly every industry, including technology, construction, real estate, health care, retail, consulting, food and beverage, hospitality, education, health and fitness, tourism, media and entertainment, manufacturing and more. Our team of professionals combine their collective experience and expertise in various practice disciplines to serve and deliver industry specific solutions to the unique business transactions that our clients face.

Client Service Philosophy

Our firm’s client service philosophy is simple: to provide our business clients with our years of experience and expertise at affordable rates in our core practice areas of tax, accounting and business consulting. Our team of professionals aim to make a positive difference in all of our clients businesses and we often serve as an integral part of the team.

South Carolina Business Organizations and Formations

Accel Tax & Business provides consultant and advisory services to inventors, entrepreneurs, professionals and early-stage businesses in connection with business organizations, business formations, choice of entity decisions, taxation, capitalization and ownership structures, buy-sell agreements, and intellectual property protection. We advise clients in the formation of limited liability companies (LLCs), corporations (S-Corp and C-Corp), limited and general partnerships, joint ventures and well as non-profit corporations.

Intellectual Property Protection

State and federal intellectual property issues are often overlooked by many entrepreneurs, professionals and early stage businesses.  A business’ intellectual property, including its name, tagline, logo, brand or other marks, generally become the most valuable asset of the business. A business’ intellectual property, specifically its trademarks, should be addressed before the business is formed. There are several reasons why the business should address its trademarks in the business’ early stage planning in order to determine whether the name, tagline, symbol or other mark is available for use. If these trademark matters are not addressed in the business’ early stage planning, the business may expose itself to a trademark infringement lawsuit in the short-term, or even worse in the future after the business has expended significant financial capital on a brand it must cease to stop using. This must be avoided at all costs. Our professionals provide consultancy services related to helping business owners plan for and protect their valuable intellectual property.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions is one of our firm’s greatest strengths and has been central to our firm’s business consultancy services since its founding more than fifteen years ago. A business acquisition may involve the transfer of a business from a seller to a buyer as a going concern, or more often is the case the transfer of substantially all of the business’ assets from a seller to a buyer. These business transactions often involve complex tax, accounting and financial issues and our tax, accounting and business professionals are versed and well equipped to provide consultancy services through all aspects of the acquisition process.

Business Contracts and Transactions

As any entrepreneur, small business owner, or professional knows, business contracts are an integral part of the business world, and can come in many forms.  A properly negotiated business contract is the foundation upon which a business conducts its business.  Our tax, accounting and business professionals are  experienced in advising entrepreneurs, inventors and business owners on a variety of business transactions to ensure our client’s rights and interests are properly represented.

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