tax due datesAccel Tax & Business Services is a multifaceted tax, accounting and business consulting firm.  Our tax advisors offer practical tax advice to meet your personal and business needs.

Experienced Tax Professionals.  Quality Tax Representation.

Whether you have a specific tax issue or require comprehensive tax services, our Charleston / Mt. Pleasant tax firm brings you the knowledge, experience, and resources to help you meet your business, personal or estate needs. You can depend on our multidisciplinary team of tax and business professionals to guide you through the complicated local, state and federal tax environment.

Our tax practice group is comprised of experienced professionals who have been advising individuals and business for more than 20 years. Through our tax practice, we advise a diverse set of clients, from single owner-managed businesses to mid-sized private companies to nonprofit organizations to publicly-traded companies, as well as middle and high net worth individuals and family offices.

In addition to addressing specific tax issues or providing tax advice to help navigate the operational and financial challenges that impact individuals and businesses, we also prepare tax returns for a broad range of individuals, businesses, and other organizations. Although some individuals and businesses only need to meet with a tax preparer one time a year, we offer a more proactive, relationship-driven approach to those individuals and businesses that need valuable tax planning strategies and tax compliance consulting all year long.  Your financial and business well being depends upon sound tax advice, which is why our tax services remain at the heart of our business.

Business Tax

Proactive tax planning is critical to every business, and almost every business decision will have tax consequences that not only affects the owners but also the entire business.  Our tax advisors offer a full compliment of tax planning and preparation services for privately held companies, including S Corporations, closely held companies, partnerships, and limited liabilities companies.  Our tax service delivery model focuses on compliance and planning as we help owners, managers and executives pursue opportunities to minimize business tax liability and risk.  Noncompliance places your business at risk, especially when the tax laws are always changing.  Our business tax planning approach emphasizes the application of practical tax strategies to improve your bottom line, maximize savings, and best position your business for future growth. We offer a wide range of business tax services, including tax planning, bookkeeping, and tax return preparation for sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations, and joint ventures.

Personal Tax

Our tax professionals offer a full suite of tax planning and tax advisory services designed to help you meet your personal financial objectives.  Our advisors represent individuals, families, executives, and business owners with everything from tax return preparation, to bookkeeping, to comprehensive estate, gift and trust planning, to stock option and retirement planning, to business acquisitions.  As accounting professionals, we stay abreast of the confusing maze of tax laws in order to help mitigate your tax obligations and optimize your wealth.

Expatriate Tax

American citizens living abroad and resident aliens living in the US are required to file annual US tax returns and report their US and worldwide income – even if they are paying taxes elsewhere.  Additionally, as companies evolve and expand, the international relocation of executives and key employees is becoming a common feature in today’s business environment.  Businesses that send employees overseas face numerous complexities, both for their employees and their organizations.  Our tax advisors are dedicated to serving the American expatriate community.  We work with a number of US expatriates and businesses to minimize tax liabilities, ensure tax compliance, assist in bank account and compensation reporting, determine residency, and help clients understand the applicability of expatriate and inpatriate tax regulations.

Mergers & Acquisitions Tax

Business mergers and acquisitions present a time of great change for any business or business owner.  Mergers and acquisitions are on the rise across a number of industries and business sectors.  As such, the taxes associated with these types of business transactions are also becoming increasingly complex.  Our tax and business advisory team provides merger and acquisition due diligence, risk assessment and management, and tax efficient deal structuring.  The process of buying or selling a business can lead to substantial tax saving opportunities as well as potential risks.  Our professionals bring significant experience and knowledge to the acquisition process, both in tax and in law.  We will work closely with you and your company throughout the entire process to not only ensure the transaction is handled properly but also allow you and your company to realize the greatest amount of tax savings.  We pride ourselves on partnering with local business lawyers, investment advisors, banks, and other institutional lenders to meet the needs of our client’s tax objectives.

State & Local Tax

State and local tax laws can be complex and often present individuals, business owners and businesses with demanding challenges.  This is especially true if a business operates and provides products and/or services in multiple states.  To successfully operate in this regulatory environment, it is important that businesses fully understand and address their tax and tax accounting requirements to fully comply with the myriad of state and local tax obligations.  Our state and local tax practice is dedicated to not only helping clients assess their state and local tax statues and regulations but also recommending certain strategies that support a client’s overall tax and financial objectives.

Tax Credits, Incentives & Deductions

Federal, state and local governments provide tax credits and incentive programs and offer valuable deductions to businesses in order to help promote investment, innovation and employment opportunities.  Understanding whether your business is a candidate for such programs can often be confusing.  Our tax advisors can help navigate the relevant state and federal statutes, tax codes, tax regulations and a broad range of tax credits, incentives and deductions.  We have helped numerous businesses in varying business sectors access government programs that have resulted in immediate benefits, such as an additional source of cash, tax credits and incentives, and reductions in federal, state and local tax liabilities.

Estate & Trust Tax

One of the most challenging issues facing individuals and families is how best to preserve assets and transfer wealth to your spouse, children and future generations.  Our core client mission is to help individuals and families create, grow and protect their wealth.  A properly planned estate is one of the most effective ways our firm can help protect a client’s wealth.  There are many objectives, financial and nonfinancial, to consider in the estate planning process.  These objectives must be reviewed periodically, at least every two-three years.  Our tax advisors work with local estate planning lawyers, investment advisors, banks, and other related professionals to offer guidance in connection with trust creation, estate planning, charitable giving and gifting, and strategies to lower tax obligations and reduce probate expenses.

Property Tax

Our tax professionals can help you understand how your property tax obligations impact your tax situation. We offer  a range of property tax compliance and consulting services  to ensure that your real property and personal property tax return is filed properly.

Representation Before Taxing Authorities

In the event your tax returns are called into question by the IRS or state taxing authority, having an experienced accountant in your corner goes a long way toward easing your anxiety as you communicate with these taxing authorities. We rely on our years of experience to provide you with the guidance you need, whether you need help responding to notices or representation at a hearing with a tax agency.